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Wii Cake March 20, 2013

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My son is a video game buff. A few years ago he received a Wii from Santa and things have never been the same. Making a Wii cake posed a few challenges. How was I going to make it stand up? Should I lay it on it’s side? Should it be to scale?


I went over all these things and decided firs,t and foremost,it was going to be edible. I have seen so many awesome cakes that are made with all gum paste or rice krispies that, while edible, is not something I would want an entire “cake” made of. Who wants a giant rice krispy treat covered in fondant? I was willing to sacrafice a little of the “perfect looking” construction, for cake.


I knew that I was going to have to alternate layers of cake, with cardboard in order for it to stand up.



My original plan was to cover the cake with homemade modeling chocolate. I bought white chocolate chips and meledt them down. I followed the recipe (or so I thought) and it turned into a mushy greasy mess. It turned out, that since the bag of chips was white chocolate, it was 4 ounces less then a bag of regular chocolate.


Twinkle Toes Tip: Make sure you check and double check the ounces and size of ALL your ingredients before you leave the store, especially if you are using something for the first time.


I flavored my fondant with vanilla and then I  was left to determine how to cover this 8 layered cake.


The real Wii has a lot of panels so I mimicked to the best of my ability and layed the fondant on in strips.

After many layers of cake, cardboard, cake, cardboard, then 2 long dowels, I was able to make the wii cake standup.


The words and decoration on the front are also made from fondant. The only butter cream used was inside the cake as filling.

I will say that it took some time, but I am confident that I could do it again, and my son loved it!


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