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Toy Story Cake March 20, 2013

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This cake was made for a 6 year old girls birthday party! She really likes Jessie from Disney‘s Toy Story so this is what we came up with.



The whole cake is covered in vanilla flavored fondant. The bottom tier is made to look like blue jeans, complete with pockets and the zipper tab.


TT Tip: Do not try to stick fondant to itself with water. Because fondant is water based, it will melt and make a big mess, it is better to use butter cream, or a fondant and water “paste”



Because Jessie is a cowgirl, the second tier is covered with black cow spots. To break up the space between the 2 tiers there was a red fondant rope added.


TT Tip: Black fondant will fade if left in the sunlight or under flourecent lights, it’s best to make anything black at the last min and try to leave it out of the light if possible. 


The color scheme of Jessie’s character is blue, red, cow print and yellow. As this cake is for a girl,I had to add more color. The flowers that are on the cake are made from royal icing. They were left to harden and placed on with butter cream icing. When the cake was delivered, we added a Jessie figurine to the top.


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