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Snowman Cupcakes March 20, 2013

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My son had a class party for the christmas holiday and I decided to take the opportunity to make something a little special.

Snowman cupcakes!


With chocolate chips for mouths it was easy to make these little treats looked surprised!



The hats were chocolate wafer cookies. They were a little difficult to work with and I’m trying to figure out if I can do something differently next time.

The noses ( made from orange slices) were not only edible, but the flavor went nicely with the vanilla frosting.


Twinkle Toes Tip:

The chocolate cookies need to be inserted into the sides of the cupcakes, if you do this too soon, the whole cookie becomes soggy and gross. Make sure you cut a slit into the upper side of the cupcake before you insert the cookie as well. Good luck!


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