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Royal Cupcakes March 20, 2013

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This past weekend I was given the privilege to make some cupcakes for a family bbq. My original plan was to make cupcakes that looked like coals in the pit. However, something more sophisticated was in order.I decided on simple frosted cupcakes with royal icing drop flowers. I was able to make the flowers a few days ahead of time because once they are dry they last for a long time.






The leaves were piped on and made with butter cream. There is also a little piping work done under the flowers to add a little extra. The tops of the cupcakes are frosted with homemade butter cream and it felt so different then icing a whole cake. It felt strange because it was so small and there were no sides to cover.


After they were finished and brought to the party, they were placed on a lovely glass tower. It added so much to the look of the cupcakes that I’m going to have to buy one of my own. I thought these would turn out too simple but in the end I think they were perfect for the occasion and looked beautiful. Oh! They tasted good too!





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