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Mad Hatter Party March 20, 2013

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For my daughter’s 6th Birthday she wanted a Mad Hatter themed party. Keep in mind I said Mad Hatter NOT Alice in Wonderland. She was very careful to make sure I understood that.


A child after my own heart, she has fallen in love with Tim Burton‘s take on Alice in Wonderland and not that of the cartoon produced also by Disney.


The party was to be dark and creepy. However, I knew there needed to be some color involved (we are talking about 5 and 6 year old girls) and I know not all children are as strange as mine. 🙂


I made the cake based on the Mad Hatter‘s hat from the animated Alice In Wonderland.



I used a Wilton Food Writer to draw the “stitches” on the hat to make it look worn and used. I also used different color fondant to make the patches all over the hat.



You can see the hat is leaning slightly, this was don eon purpose, again so it looks old and worn out.


TT Tip: to make a cake lean like this one, I off set the layers of the cake and then used a bread knife to carve off the edges that hung over so it was smooth. I then added the dowels so it wouldn’t fall over.


I decided to try my hand at making hand made embellishments to the cake because I can never stop when it comes to these things! lol



The Cheshire cat was made with a gum paste/fondant mix and so was the pink stopwatch. The details were put on again with the food writer and they were left to dry over a couple nights. As you can see there is also the famous 10/6 tag sticking out of the ribbon on the side.


To throw in a little mischief I also added a card solider. The finishing touches were the doorknob and a few little mushrooms.


TT Tip: To make the card bent, I laid it over a rolling pin over a few nights, once it hardened it held it’s bent over shape. 


Because there were a few other fun “treats” to this party, I’m going to show those too.


While shopping for last minute items at Party City, I came across some mini plastic teacups and mini rainbow spoons.



I couldn’t pass them up so I bought them without any plans as to what to do with them. In the end I decided on rainbow jello. It was a great way to add more color to the party and the size was perfect for the kids. They looked great on the table and they tasted great too!




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