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Garden Party Cake March 20, 2013

Filed under: Specialty Cakes — brandidiane @ 3:18 am

My last cake decorating class was last night. We were going to be covering a cake with fondant and them decorate it with flowers we made in previous classes. The book that is given with the class has some ideas in it, however, I didn’t feel like making any of them. I purchased the 2011 Wilton Yearbook awhile back, so I decided to look through it and see if i could get some ideas.


I found a cake titled “Tinkerbell‘s flowing flower garden” I took some inspiration from that and made this:


Because this was a last minute decision, I had to make new flowers. I did have some extra flowers from the cupcakes I made a few days before, but I needed something else. My birthday is coming up and I wanted the cake to be very girly. I made a whole bunch of flowers using gum paste. I tinted my fondant with Wilton icicng colors, in leaf green. The I used sky blue, violet, rose and yellow for my flowers.


In class I added a ribbon like border using a new technique I learned. I also used Luster dust on the flowers to give them a shimmer and a little extra pop. I used butter cream to “glue” the flowers to the cake and Voila!





The cake came out wonderful and i am very very proud. I’m through for the time being with classes, but I am so ready to use all my new skills to make more incredible cakes!


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