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Extra Treats March 20, 2013

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Here is a cake I made a couple weeks ago. The cake was red velvet with cream cheese frosting as the filling. I made a point of letting crumbs end up in the frosting. I mixed it all up and it put red “speckles” allover the cake. It gave a little hint of what flavor the cake was. Plus it was fun and different.

I tinted frosting red to make the butter cream ribbon roses. I know they don’t look super red, but to make the icing a true red you have to use an extreme amount of red coloring. Besides, I like the tint of red that these ended up.

That same evening I was practicing on cupcake decorations and tried a sunflower design.

The center is a chocolate candy. The cupcake itself is also filled with chocolate. A group of these would be nice for a summer tea party or place settings.


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