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Deluxe Caramel Apples March 20, 2013

Filed under: Holiday Treats — brandidiane @ 3:29 am

O. K. So these aren’t really candy per se’, but talk about yummy. We decided to make deluxe caramel apples to give as gifts to friends and family. These have been made before and through a few trial and error shots we were able to come up with a pretty good finishing product.


The granny smith apples were washed thoroughly and then the sticks were inserted at an angle that is meant to be straight up. The apples were then dipped into heated caramel and immediately put into the refrigerator to minimize dripping. Once completely cooled the caramel in the pan was reheated and then the apples were dipped again. The catch this time is to roll them into chopped nuts. ( I used peanuts)


Twinkle Toes Tip:

Be sure to sift the chopped nuts before you roll the apples in them. This way you wont have any nut “dust” on your apple, just nice evenly sized chunks.


Again the apples were put right back in the fridge. Although I would recommend dipping one at a time and refrigerating after each apple rather then doing them all at the same time. The nuts and added caramel are heavy and tend to pool at the bottom quickly if not refrigerated.



Next, chocolate chips are melted and the now cooled apples are dipped in the chocolate. Refrigerate again and there you go. Feel free to add decoration to the finished apples, or leave them as so. The were very tasty and you can see once they are cut into the layers look beautiful!


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