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Batman Cake March 20, 2013

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Who doesn’t love Super Hero’s?! There are so many to choose from, making a Super Hero Cake might be a challenge. Luckily for me, I had a little fellow who knew just what he wanted. BATMAN!!!!

As he was going to be helping in the process, I wanted to make the cake simple. We went with an 8 inch round 2 layer white cake. Originally, I was going to cover the cake in fondant, but I didn’t want him to feel left out so I went with butter cream.  I tinted the butter cream sky blue because we wanted to give the impression that the Batman emblem was in the sky.

The Batman sign is made of Fondant that I tinted black. The yellow background is also made of fondant and tinted golden yellow.

Twinkle Toes Tip: I trace the image I want to cut ( in this case the Batman sign) on to parchment paper, then I cit it out and lay the paper over the fondant to get a great likeness to the real thing. 


The border around the cake are small fondant balls tinted black. The balls were added to tie in teh colors of the cake on top to the bottom.

The cake was auctioned off at a cub scout meeting and made quite a few bucks. It was a lot of fun and I would do it again anytime!


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