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Basket Weave Cake with Daffodils March 20, 2013

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I finally used some of the sugar flowers I’ve been working on. I practiced some flowers I haven’t posted and decided to show them off on my new cake creation.

As you can see the cake is different from my usual smoothed out butter cream. This cake is basket weaved.

There are a number of ways to do a basket weave with the “old school” way using a flat tip with one serrated edge. To look more like an Easter basket would. I chose to use a large star tip to give it a fluffy look. This takes much more icing and probably not something you would want to serve at a kids party, however I did hear a study that sugar doesn’t cause children to be hyper.

The daffodils are made from royal icing that I made myself. I made the flowers last week and allowed them to dry. There are some butter cream stems and leaves added as well. I tinted my butter cream with Wilton icing color lime green.

The filling of this white cake is raspberry. I know most people would pair that with chocolate but I thought the flavor combination of the raspberry, white cake, and sweet butter cream was wonderful.


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