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Army Cake March 20, 2013

Filed under: Specialty Cakes — brandidiane @ 2:55 am

I was asked to make a cake for an Army Themed birthday party last weekend. I was left to my own creative devices for the most part. There were a few things that I needed to keep in mind.

1. The party was for two kids

2. One was a girl, One was a boy

3. The cake needed to be “messy”


I decided to make the cake look like a battlefield, complete with army men and dirt. I added some rocks for a real outside effect as well.



I divided each battlefield with ivy. I thought it was a nice effect, plus the birthday girls name is Ivy. So I went ahead and bordered her whole side with ivy. The other side was bordered with yellow stars, it was my play on the Army’s yellow outlined star. The whole bottom of the cake is bordered with grass.


The second to last touch on the cake was to add the terrain. I used graham crackers and crushed up Oreo cookies to make the dirt. There are some camoflouged rocks on the cake that are actually sour gum that I purchased from Party City, in the army birthday section. That is also where the army flags came from. The cars on the cake are good Ol’ Hot Wheels and the army man are plastic.



This cake was definetly less “clean” then I tend to make my cakes, but that is how it was ordered and I think it went well with the overall theme. The cake was gone when the party was over, so that says something.


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