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Caillou Cake March 20, 2013

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Her theme was a Caillou cake. This took some creativity on my part because Caillou as a theme is hard to find. What I came up with is below.

This is the basic design, once this was finished I added some finishing touches.

The birthday girl was turning 3 and I also added “happy Birthday” in pink sugar on top to “girlie” it up.

Once at the party,  I added Caillou figurines to the cake as well.


Cars Cake

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The movie Cars has been a hit with my whole family, so it was no question what the theme was going to be when my youngest son‘s 3rd birthday came along. The great thing is, my best friend has a daughter who was born in the same day and was also turning 3 so I spent a couple days making two very different cakes!



This was a simple sheet cake. I planned on making a 2 tier fondant cake but changed my mind when the thought of the one I decided to make came into my mind.


Everything is made of tinted frosting and the side was sprayed with Color Mist. It was the first time I used it, but I think it came out very nice.





Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes

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Chocolate peppermint cupcakes. These took a long time to make and included ingredients I hadn’t used before in baking ( like instant coffee) but the taste of these was just enough peppermint and just enough chocolate.

These treats were garnished with peppermint bark and they were a holiday hit. I’ll definitely make these again


Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Red Velvet Cupcakes. All things were made from scratch including the icing and they tasted amazing.



I added candy pearls on the top for a little added charm. These cupcakes were transported 2 hours away and came out great!


TT Tip: When transporting things like cupcakes, keep the icing in a container inside a cooler and frost cupcakes after you arrive at the location. 


Christmas Tree Cupcakes

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Christmas is a busy time for everyone. When it comes to baking I was all over the place this year. From baking things for kids in the classroom to baking things for adult parties etc. My oven was definitely working hard and so was I.

First off was a Christmas tree made from cupcakes. This was for the classroom and the kids just loved it.

I made this the night before and once the cupcakes were finished, it was simple to put together as you can see.  There IS one thing missing though…THE TRUNK!

I used Kit Kats to add the trunk to the bottom. I’m not sure what happened to the image I had. But overall the kids loved it.


Graveyard Cupcakes

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Halloween has always been my favorite holiday next to Christmas. I had just been successful making my first

Cupcake Cake with my Pizza Cake, so I decided to make another.


There was going to be a contest at this party so I really went for it.




This graveyard was fun and not hard to make. After the cupcakes the ingreiants included:

Gum paste



Milano Cookies

Black Licorice

Food Writer

Oreo Cookies


The dirt fir the graveyard is made from Oreo cookie crumbs. Rather then waste the cookies however, I put them on the bottom of the cupcakes for an extra treat.





Pizza Cupcakes

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I decided to expand my horizons and start making cupcake cakes. Trends change all the time from layered cakes, to cake pops, to cupcakes cakes and more. Why not try something new?


For my son’s birthday he wanted a party that was all about video games and laser tag. I had just made the Mad Hatter Cake and wanted to try something different so I figured a cupcake pizza was the way to go.




I was able to get a pizza box from a local pizza place so it really git in well.

I used fruit rolls for the pepperoni and milk duds for sausage. The “cheese” was a neat trick with grated white chocolate.